4 huge mistakes on social media


Do you want to enter the world of social media and don’t know where to start? I want to give you some advice on what mistakes not to make on social media.

Keep your username and password

Sounds silly as advice but it is essential. Write down everything on an agenda, even any changes.

Don’t create too many profiles

Before opening a profile, understand well what use you will make of it. Do you want to be a simple user? Well, create a personal profile. Do you have a business but are you already on social networks as a user? DO NOT use your personal as a company profile as well.

Don’t write in capital letters

Use capital letters is the same as screaming and is not very pleasant to see. Many think it attracts attention but in the long run it can damage what you want to communicate.

Don’t share too much personal stuff

Remember that the web is NOT the real world. Try not to share too many photos or write things you’ll regret.