4 reasons to visit Scanno


Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy but become famous as the town with the “heart-shaped” lake, Scanno is located within the Abruzzo National Park and is the cradle of ancient traditions.

Scanno lake is the largest natural lake in Abruzzo and was formed due to a landslide detached from Mount Genzana which blocked the river Tasso. Known as the “heart-shaped lake”, it is possible to admire the view by following different paths. We recommend the Path of the Heart because it is a simple itinerary suitable for everyone, unlike the more complex one.

Beyond the lake, I will list 4 reasons to visit this beautiful village that offers many activities throughout the year:

The city of photographers

Not everyone knows that Scanno between the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries was the destination of several famous photographers, such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, who, enraptured by the beauty of the views, allowed the world to get to know the country and Abruzzo. So, whether you are a photographer or eager to update your Instagram, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

The Scannese dress and the presentosa

The traditional female dress was born between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth centuries thanks to the spread of the wool industry and the art of dyeing and due to the isolation caused bythe inaccessible position, it developed independently with characteristic elements that today highlight its uniqueness.

One of these elements is the presentosa, worked in filigree and symbol of internal Abruzzo. Tradition has it that it is given to girls to wish good luck and protection while in the past it was worn above all to announce the engagement.

Pan dell’Orso and mostaccioli

Typical products such as pan dell’orso, an almond paste cake covered with dark chocolate and mostaccioli, filled with chocolate and almonds and also available with a white, mixed and mostocotto must cover (my favorite) are also a must.

The village

Scanno is characterized by the large stairways at the entrance to the palaces, by the craft shops and by the possibility of visiting the village entirely on foot, following the circular itinerary known as the Ciambella, a circular route that it leaves and arrives at the town church.

Have I convinced you? Add Scanno to the list of places to visit and let me know what you think!