5 reasons to create a website


Are you looking at this site on your phone? No? Well you are the exception!

Today’s trend is to adapt everything on the web to the smartphone. When you travel, are you on break or do you want to choose what to eat do you want me to believe that you are using the computer? Isn’t that a bit uncomfortable?

If you are still not convinced I give you 5 reasons to create a website!

If you have a business, the website is essential

You have to think of the site as a modern business card, a clean and organized showcase to make your business known. Being online with a working site really makes a difference especially in sectors with a lot of competition.

The customer wants fast and convincing solutions

When the potential customer does a search, he finds many results and often what convinces him to choose you or a particular company are the information on your site, the solutions suitable to eliminate his doubts.

If you don’t have it, you have already lost

Guess, Linkedin it’s not enough!

If you are a freelancer, an artist or someone who wants to make his passion known, what better time to tell your work on a personal site than to be one of the many profiles on job search sites? Be different!

Being only on social media is not enough

You may not agree but it is the truth. Website and social network must coexist. You can’t have just one. Yes, you can post on Facebook but do you really think your followers will read that super long description? The website is also an archive, a place to explore the issues you are talking about.

I hope I have made you understand the importance of having a website.
If you are interested or still have doubts, contact me!