Why visit Abruzzo


You are planning your holidays in Italy but you are looking for something new, adventurous? Well, Abruzzo is the ideal destination!
Geographically in central Italy but considered a southern region, a few kilometers from Rome and Naples, in Abruzzo you can live unforgettable adventures and experiences in a few days: sea and mountains, castles and modern cities, good food and fun.

In addition to the 131 km of coastline, there are numerous nature reserves and national parks that will make you take a journey back in time and lose your bearings, under the illusion that you are in some Nordic or Eastern country. Sightings of animals such as bears, deer and foxes are also possible.

BUT the real treasures are kept in the Abruzzo hinterland! There are still numerous testimonies of the ancient historical heritage linked to the Italic populations and to prehistory.
Many castles and historic villages, some uninhabited, which testify to a past rich in history and art.

A mention to food which in Italy, as you know, is sacred but in Abruzzo it is even more so. Go on a diet now because you will eat and drink very very very well here.

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